AMD Offers New Bundles for Some RX Series Cards

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Game bundles can offer great incentives for potential hardware purchases. AMD recently updated bundles for its latest RX line. These new offerings begin on February 4th and will end on April 25th. This current promotion includes the 5500XT and 5700XT line. If planning on taking advantage of this new deal please make sure to check with the retailer first.

5700XT Bundle

For those looking at some solid 1440p/1080p performance levels they may want to check out the 5700XT offering. For those looking at this premium tier AMD is giving both Resident Evil 3 and Monster Hunter World:IceBorne. We’ve had several reviews of different variations of the 5700XT over the last 12 months.

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5500XT Bundle

For those looking at a more budget oriented solution then 5500XT bundle might catch your eye. The 5500XT has shown to be a good contender for 1080p gaming. AMD will offer Ghost Recon Breakpoint along with WarCraft III reforged and Resident Evil 3. We also have a review for a 5500XT. In it a overclocked version was able to average 87 frames per second in 1080p for Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

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There’s no mention of any bundles for the 5600XT at this time but all games do come with an offer for their game pass service. The game pass offer also includes RX 500 and Radeon VII lines.

Do game bundles affect your hardware purchase decisions? If so let us know in the comments.

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