Nintendo Planning a Longer Life Cycle for Switch Console Line

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Image: Nintendo

Nintendo proved once again with the Switch that they continue to have ideas about new directions for console gaming. Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa recently spent time speaking with investors regarding the company’s future. VideoGamesChronicle has kindly translated this question and answer session.

The Nintendo Switch debuted three years ago. The Switch Lite, a smaller and even more mobile version, followed in 2019. He commented how the original was a different approach from past designs and that the Lite allowed a choice for different lifestyles. New models are in the works. Very recently they announced a special edition model. This will arrive in Japan on the console’s official third anniversary in March. He believes that as Switch’s install base continues to expand, they will place more focus on it. In turn this will provide a much longer life cycle than previous Nintendo consoles. Even though they may be working a on a new version he has already stated it will not arrive in 2020. The greater focus will be to continue this dual strategy and a long-term view for the Switch.

Sales Numbers

So far the Switch has sold approximately 52 million units world-wide. This total also includes Switch Lite models. It still has some catching up to do with the Nintendo Wii though. Released in November of 2006, the Wii sold over 102 million units over its seven year span. If the Switch line can maintain its current momentum it may well surpass that number being less than three years into production. Three must be a magic number for it as well since it currently ranks as third in Nintendo’s all-time sale records. The original Nintendo Entertainment System(NES) holds second place at just under 62 million units sold. The Switch special edition could easily push past it to second place though. Only the future can truly reveal the success path for the Switch but it obviously is on to a good start.

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