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Having catapulted into mainstream popularity Netflix’s The Witcher is not giving up on its momentum. Screen Rant reports that production on Witcher season 2 will begin this month. Filming locations will include various parts of Europe. Sites in the Scotland, U.K., and eastern Europe have already been picked. This news comes shortly after the announcement of the animated film “Nightmare of the Wolf” that Netflix is also working on. The Witcher series has achieved multiple successes since launch. With Netflix changing its metric for measuring viewership it is now considered their biggest launch ever. It also inspired gamer’s to take another swing with Witcher 3 setting an all time player count record four years after release.

Known changes for season 2

Recently show creator Lauren Hissrich revealed that some cosmetic changes would be happening in season 2. In particular the Nilfgaardian armor will be getting a complete overhaul. Criticism for its drastic departure from the visual of the games has resulted in it being “taken back to the drawing board”. She stated how everything in season one was a learning experience and how exciting it is to come back for another season.

An early leak for season two production is the addition of actress Carmel Laniado. She’ll play a character named “Violet” who will appear in at least three episodes. Carmel Laniado is relatively new to films. Her current credits include the recent Dolittle remake of Doctor Doolittle and a 2019 BBC/FX t.v. mini series A Christmas Carol. Carmel’s inclusion continues to exemplify the Lauren Hissich’s willingness to take chances with lesser known performers. Both Freya Allan and Anya Chalotra have similarly newer starts in their careers.

Screen Rant also reports that it is believed some other changes will be in the works for season two. Potentially there will be less timeline flashbacks. This was something that left many newcomers to the series a bit confused. Another theory is more in-depth exploration to Geralt’s origins and those of the Witchers.

Don’t hold your breath for an early release though. It looks like it will land in Fall 2021.

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  1. Looking forward to it, enjoyed the first season.

    I’ve mentioned this before, but I really hope Netflix brings in the Jim Henson guys (who did the Dark Crystal tv series) to do the monsters in the Witcher. My biggest quibble with the first season of the Witcher were the occasional cheap looking CGI monster – would look so much better as a practical effect.

  2. I actually thought the cheap CGI helped the somewhat campy feel. It didn’t take itself too seriously and pulled it off well, I felt

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