Marvel’s Avengers Now Up for Pre-order

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Image: Marvel

Marvel’s The Avengers are officially available for pre-order. This comes after developer Square Enix announced a delay so they could fine tune and add more polishing. A teaser trailer for the game was originally released back in 2017 and more recently at E3 2019 revealed the full trailer. The full trailer has now been released for all to see.

Posted via the game’s twitter page the game begins after a catastrophic event. After A-Day the Avengers are once again disbanded or dis-assembled. Newer character, Kamala Khan a.k.a Ms. Marvel, is prominently featured in the new trailer as a protagonist in the team’s revival.

Going back to 2017 the teaser trailer shows glimpses of the devastation from that day.

Further Game Details

Crystal Dynamics, the studio behind the popular Tomb Raider franchise, is the developer for this new game. It will have both a single player campaign along with co-op. September 4th is the official release date. Marvel is pulling out all the stops for this release as it is the first game release after last year’s End Game. Offers are limited to participating retailers so be sure to check what is available from the source before purchasing. From the Marvel website:

  • Any version pre-ordered to have guaranteed access to the “Marvel Legacy Outfit pack”
  • Deluxe versions will include Obsidian Outfit Pack comprising of six hero outfits along with Obsidian nameplates and 72 hour early access.
  • Earth’s Mightiest Edition includes a 12″ Captain America statue, steel-book case, hulk bobble-head, Mjolnir key-chain, Black Widow belt buckle, Iron Man prototype blueprints, Ms. Marvel honorary Avenger pin, commemorative group photo, and also 72 hour early access.
  • Physical copies that are pre-ordered may get either a limited edition pin or patch set.
  • Orders thru the PlayStation Store includes a number of Ms. Marvel themed bonuses and will also get 72 hour early access to the game.
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