NBC’s Battlestar Galactica May Share Same Universe as SyFy’s

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NBC’s new streaming service, Peakcock, is working on creating new content. One such project may be another reboot of Battlestar Galactica. Writer, Producer, and Director, Sam Esmail is currently developing this project. Best known as the creator for the Mr. Robot t.v. series and also attached to a t.v. remake of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Ronald D. Moore, creator of the previous series, recently sat down with Variety to share info for the latest Outlander season but also gave some interesting tidbits on this project after a conversation with Mr. Esmail. Stating that Sam called him regarding some plans for the new show. Saying that he wanted to do something in the same universe instead of restarting it again. He gave Sam praise and truly positive support, ” You’re an amazing guy and amazing writer, go with god! “.

This strategy could actually follow suit with Mr. Moore’s series in that his too ended up sharing the same universe as the original 1978 series. Syfy’s 2004 series would eventually go on to develop a history where the original occurred some time before. The tricky part could be in how the series ended in 2009 but anything is possible. Original series creator, Glen Larson, had said he planned to do a movie reboot after the 2009 conclusion. This movie would never get off the ground as Mr. Larson passed away in 2014.

Gaining steam with multiple announcements in the last twelve months it definitely seems to be moving forward. Enjoying a modicum of success throughout over forty years the franchise has stood the test of time. From two t.v. shows, and now a third in the works, and numerous video games, it has gained fans on multiple levels. Ronald Moore’s take on it earned many awards starting from a mini-movie and during each of its four seasons. Both shows share another common trait in that they each started as movies and progressed into regularly broadcast shows. This new show, however, would follow in the path of streaming like that of Star Trek shows Picard and Discovery. Many a fan t.v. science fiction could easily tell you that Ronald Moore had extensive history with Star Trek as well.

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