RTX Gaming Laptops Will Be the “Largest Game Console in the World,” Claims NVIDIA CEO


The world’s reigning console brands are the PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, but that hierarchy could be changing, according to NVIDIA’s outspoken CEO.

During this week’s Q4 earnings call, Jensen Huang talked about the success of NVIDIA’s RTX-powered laptops and how much they’ve contributed to the company’s quarterly earnings in the gaming segment, which has risen by 56 percent to $1.49 billion. Their proliferation has led to a bit of optimism in Huang, who now insists they can challenge the entire console market.

“…the amount of notebook sales and the success of Nintendo Switch has really changed the profile of our overall gaming business. Our notebook business as Colette mentioned earlier, has seen double-digit growth for eight consecutive quarters and this is unquestionably a new gaming category. Like it’s a new game console,” Jensen told investors.

The CEO defended his statement by pointing out the global usage share of laptops. In his eyes, they’re the most popular devices on the planet.

“This is going to be the largest game console in the world I believe. And the reason for that is because there are more people with laptops than there are of any other device,” he explained.

That’s a bit of an odd statement when you consider the fact that mobile gaming exists, and smartphone usage continues to outpace both desktops and laptops. But we’ll play along with Jensen, since he’s probably referring to traditional gaming systems.

NVIDIA’s recent success in the notebook space can be attributed to their GeForce Max-Q Design, which combines Turing-based RTX GPUs and innovative engineering for light but powerful laptop products.

“…the fact that we’ve been able to get RTX into a thin and light notebook, a thin and light notebook is really a breakthrough. And it’s one of the reasons why we’re seeing such great success in notebook,” Jensen said.

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