Star Wars
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The Star Wars franchise is getting the 4K treatment soon. The long running science fiction staple is one of the few that has existed in nearly every commercially available media format. It has seen the analog days of VHS and Betamax. It escaped magnetic tape and made its way to optical media with Laserdisc, then DVD, and of course Blu-Ray. Disney brought the entire catalog to digital streaming with its Disney Plus platform. Come March 31st it will arrive on 4K Blu-ray along with Rise of Skywalker, the final installment of the most recent trilogy. The prequels, original trilogy, and Rogue One, have previously only been available in 4K with Dolby Atmos/Dolby Vision on Disney Plus. Newer entries for the franchise like Solo and The Last Jedi were release in 4K along with DVD and Blu-Ray. has spotted some early pre-order links for the upcoming releases on Amazon. At the moment most have temporary place holder art for covers or none at all. Oddly enough the more popular original trilogy was not one of the first to get links. A complete box set is also arriving same day in March. The 27-Disc “Skywalker Saga” has been available for pre-order through Best Buy for $249.99 since January 1st. The prequels will be upscaled as they were, at least in part, digitally shot. The controversial conclusion, Rise Of Skywalker, is listed as being in a native 4K resolution. Best Buy also has links for episode 9 up including multiple covers and steel book versions.

Updated: As of February 24th links for the following on Amazon:

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  1. Original, unmolested versions, not included. 🙁
    Come’on Disney, give back a little to the old fans. Just re rip the Lazer disk versions to Blu Ray and the people would rejoice.

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