Image: Noctua

Do you love Noctua enough to wear it on your back and chest?

The renowned Austrian PC cooling company has announced that its new line of “premium-quality” NP-H1 hoodies are now available for purchase at local sales partners and Amazon/eBay stores.

“Noctua’s premium cooling components are internationally renowned for their superb quietness, exceptional performance and thoroughgoing quality,” boasted the company. “Now, with the introduction of our NP-H1 premium-quality hoodies, Noctua enthusiasts have the opportunity to express their love of the renowned Austrian PC cooling brand through their wardrobe.”

Image: Noctua
Image: Noctua

The hoodies are available in two colors: a “redux-inspired” gray, and Noctua’s signature brown, which has been a pretty contentious topic among cooling enthusiasts. Some say it’s smart because it makes the brand easily identifiable, while others claim it looks like poop. In either case, Noctua’s threads come in flavors that should satisfy either party.

Pricing is EUR/USD 49.90.

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  1. Don’t you usually wear a hoodie to keep warm?

    Seems the wrong product for a “cooling solution”

    Also, those draw strings are … massive

  2. I like Noctua fans. I have approximately 30 of them in my systems right now.

    Why would I want Noctua clothing?

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