Power and Temperature

Total System Wattage

In the graph we are comparing total system Wattage at the wall, results are in Watts. Measurements were taken with a Kill-a-watt based upon observation when gaming. Please keep in mind that variations in the CPU usage within the game, motherboard power usage and efficiency of the power supply can impact these results.

At default full-load the GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER FE pulled a total of 345W while gaming. When pushing the system to the maximum allowed overclock, the total system draw increased to 374W, a 8.4% increase in power consumption for the more than 10% gains that we saw in each game.

GPU Temperature

With the fans at default operation while gaming, which we observed to be about 60%, the GPU temperature settled into a reading of 72 degrees centigrade during a long gaming session. When overclocking, we pre-emptively increased the fan speed to 80% as part of our final overclock knowing that it would be important for achieving the highest possible boost clock that we could get out of the card. This resulted in a cooler GPU reading of 67 degrees Celsius during a gaming session.

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