CD PROJEKT RED President Adam Kiciński States They Have Now Begun Production on Another Game in Interview

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Founded in 1994 CD PROJEKT RED has made an impressive reputation in the gaming industry. For the last few years, the industry has watched and waited patiently for their next big release Cyberpunk 2077. Big release does not quite do justice to the release of Cyberpunk in light of the many, and varied, promotions already in place for it. From limited edition custom graphics cards, to custom editions, celebrity cameos, and getting launched with nearly every possible retailer they have shown a strategy to cover almost every angle. Arriving in September they have already set their sights to the horizon for their next big project.

CD PROJEKT RED president Adam Kiciński recently gave an interview with polish website Stooq. Of course, questions about what they plan next came up. No specific details but he did state that they, CD PR, has “two worlds”. This is a direct reference to both The Witcher and Cyberpunk franchises. Quickly he follows that by stating they have never changed plans in wanting to create more games in The Witcher universe. He states they have already begun working on a new single player game.

Team Strategy

While this new project is in development it does not mean that they do not have other things in the works either. CD PR’s largest team is continuing to move forward with multiplayer options for Cyberpunk. At the same time their second largest will keep adding content to the single player side of it. As these two teams flesh out Cyberpunk the smaller of the teams will transition over to the new game. He explains they want to be able to work on two games at the same time. This does not, however, mean that they plan to cut down development time. Typically, CD PR spends around four to five years on a game. He does not envision getting their large RPGs down to two years and maintaining the quality standards CD PR has come to be known by.

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