Guerrilla Games Gives Us Our First Look at Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, with Ultra-Wide Support

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Image: Guerrilla Games

Guerrilla Games has finally released a screenshot of Horizon Zero Dawn running on the PC, and as expected, it looks pretty darn great.

While the port may not look leaps and bounds ahead of the PlayStation 4 Pro version, there seems to be some slightly better anti-aliasing in play based on the smoother edges and textures on Aloy’s model. The image also happens to be 3440×1440, which could only imply one thing.

Image: Guerrilla Games

“We will support ultra-wide!,” noted Community Manager Anne van der Zanden on the official Steam forums. “As others in this thread already pointed out, the first screenshot on the Store Page is taken from the PC port.”

Zanden also confirmed that the Steam port would come with a full set of achievements for those who will be exploring every nook and cranny of post-apocalyptic America.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC will contain Steam Achievements – More details will be released at a later date!,” Zanden said.

Sadly, Guerrilla Games and publisher PlayStation Mobile, Inc. still haven’t settled on an exact release date yet, but a June or July release seems pretty realistic (“Summer 2020”).

No system requirements have been listed either, aside from a 64-bit processor and operating system being mandatory.

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