LG’s 2020 4K/8K OLED TVs Begin Rolling Out: 48-Inch Model Available In June for $1,499

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Image: LG

LG has unveiled the pricing and availability of its 2020 OLED TV lineup, which comprises the GX (“Gallery”), WX (“Wallpaper”), ZX (“Real 8K”), CX, and BX series. These range in size from 88 to 48 inches – the latter of which might work for a PC monitor.

CX and BX Series

  • OLED77CXPUA: 77-inch class / $4,999 / Available May 2020
  • OLED65CXPUA: 65-inch class / $2,799 / Available April 2020
  • OLED55CXPUA: 55-inch class / $1,799 / Available March 2020
  • OLED48CXPUB: 48-inch class / $1,499 / Available June 2020
  • OLED65BXPUA: 65-inch class / $2,299 / Available May 2020
  • OLED55BXPUA: 55-inch class / $1,599 / Available May 2020

LG’s all-new CX and BX series 4K OLED TVs each deliver the outstanding picture quality that LG OLED is known for. Consumers will also have a new size to choose from when the 48-inch CX OLED TV becomes available later this year.

ZX “Real 8K” Series

  • OLED88ZXPUA: 88-inch class / $29,999 / Available May 2020
  • OLED77ZXPUA: 77-inch class) / $19,999 / Available May 2020

Producing images of unprecedented detail and clarity, the LG OLED SIGNATURE ZX Real 8K series (models 77- and 88-inch models) delivers four times the screen resolution of 4K and 16 times that of Full HD. To guarantee a Real 8K experience, LG’s TVs meet and exceed the industry definition for 8K Ultra HD TVs as defined by the Consumer Technology Association, making them among the first 8K models qualified to use the CTA 8K Ultra HD logo.

Image: LG

GX “Gallery” Series

  • OLED77GXPUA: 77-inch class / $5,999 / Available April 2020
  • OLED65GXPUA: 65-inch class / $3,499 / Available April 2020
  • OLED55GXPUA: 55-inch class / $2,499 / Available April 2020

Building on LG’s commitment to outstanding design, the GX Gallery series (55-, 65- and 77-inch models) offers a uniquely minimalist aesthetic made possible by OLED’s revolutionary panel technology. This enables the television to integrate state-of-the-art picture quality in an ultra-thin form factor (the 65-inch model is only 20mm thin) without the need of a separate control box, and can also be mounted flush to the wall.

WX “Wallpaper” Series

  • OLED65WXPUA: 65-inch class / $4,999 / June 2020

LG’s Signature WX Wallpaper OLED is the one to get for display enthusiasts who are concerned about thickness. As its name might imply, this is an ultra-thin panel that’s only around 20 millimeters thick and is meant to be hung flush against a wall.

Aside from their top-tier image quality and infinite contrast ratios, LG’s new 2020 OLED TVs come with plenty of the latest perks, such as HDMI 2.1, Dolby Vision IQ, and the UHD Alliance’s Filmmaker Mode, which disables post-processing features (e.g., motion smoothing) to retain the director’s original vision. These displays are also NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible for a tear-free gaming experience.

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