Anime Altered Carbon: Resleeved from Cowboy Bebop Writers Dai Sato and Tsukasa Kondo Released

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Altered Carbon : Resleeved
Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix released a new addition for their hit show, Altered Carbon, a few days ago. Altered Carbon : Resleeved is an anime take on the show. This time around Cowboy Bebop Writers Dai Sato and Tsukasa Kondo take the reigns for a new untold story. The new spin off arrives less than a month after the live action series season two has debuted.


From Netflix, “On Planet Latimer, everything is temporary, but honor is forever.”. In this story we get to see main character, Takeshi Kovacs, take on a new mission on another planet. On Latimer he’ll become involved with the yakuza. Viewers of the live action series have had numerous hints of his past involvements with the yakuza. Screen Rant places this story as taking place before season one. This is interesting as the yakuza boss he meets in season two hires Takeshi for the mission in the anime. Hired to be a protector to Holly, a young tattoo artist, Takeshi essentially finds himself in the middle of clan wars. Fans of the show will recognize other important characters albeit in new sleeves as well.

Reviews and other Netflix projects

So far most reviews for Altered Carbon : Resleeved are favorable. It has gotten 6.7 out of 10 stars on IMDb. Both Collider and Screen Rant consider it a worthy spin off and well worth a watch. This bodes well as Netflix announced in January that another of their shows getting the anime treatment. Nightmare of the Wolf will be a new untold story for The Witcher. Its story will also tie in to the main live action series. Netflix is busy with building its own brand of anime and Resleeved is not their first venture in the realms of cyberpunk. In the mood for something akin to a mix of anime and 1981’s fantasy film Heavy Metal? Might want to check out Sturgill Simpson’s anime visual album Sound & Fury. They’ve also got an award winning anthology series called Love, Death & Robots.

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