Half-Life: Alyx Can Already Be Played without a VR Headset: Commands Found Enabling KB/M Controls

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Image: Valve

Well, that was quick. Following Valve’s admission that a mod was pretty much inevitable, Valve News Network’s Tyler McVicker has shared how Half-Life: Alyx can be played – to some extent – without a VR headset just two days after the game’s launch.

Apparently, there are already commands built into the title that enable some level of control with the traditional keyboard and mouse setup. One of these, “vr_enable_fake_vr_test,” allows players to shoot using a mouse. Heck, there’s even a way to enable a HUD and weapons from Half-Life 2 (thanks, DSOGaming).

This discovery cements the fact that a mod could be coming sooner than anyone could have expected. It’s great news for Half-Life fans without a VR headset, as the latest chapter shouldn’t be missed: according to Metacritic, Alyx (92) is the best PC game of 2020, scoring just above DOOM Eternal (90).

Tsing Mui
News poster at The FPS Review.

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