Check Out the Announcement Trailer for PlayStation 5’s First Horror FPS, Quantum Error

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Image: TeamKill Media

TeamKill Media has released the announcement trailer for Quantum Error, a “cosmic-horror first-person shooter” for the PlayStation 5. While the footage doesn’t exactly scream next-gen (it’s actually a cross-gen title that’s also being released on the PS4), it does evoke an atmosphere that should generate some interest among Alien: Isolation and Dead Space fans.

There aren’t any story details yet, but players will presumably suit up as a fireman and hunt down monsters in what appears to be a futuristic lab or factory on future Earth. Survival will rely on the strategic use of a flashlight, which hearkens back to classics such as DOOM 3.

Two other PlayStation 5 titles that have been confirmed thus far are Counterplay Games’s Godfall, a looter slasher, and KT’s WRC 9, the latest in the long-running rally racing series. The former will reportedly be a launch title.

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