Resident Evil 8 May Actually Be Another RE Game That Was Re-titled according to Leak

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Resodent Evil 8
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A couple of months ago information made its way around the internet regarding the next Resident Evil installment. The source of these rumors continues to elaborate on this potential next release from Capcom. Originally it was stated that the game may not actually be titled Resident Evil 8 at all but instead something else. They also claim that Resident Evil 2021 and RE8 are one and the same. Well now they have gone on to explain another alias in detail.

Evidently the game was ‘tested’ under a different name. It was then called Revelations 3. As it tested well it was then green lit for a slight makeover. This was in part because even though there was an official RE8 being made that project was much further behind in development. According to the source a decision was made to convert Revelations 3 in order to expedite a release.

Changes and makeovers

The game would now be a first person shooter. It would also get changes in story and characters so it could align with the franchise as well. Other rumors about the design include a potential castle location in Europe with werewolves, occultism, and hallucinations. Additionally DSOG has obtained information from a forum indicating another change from the franchise norm. This time around there will be three stalkers instead of one. It seems one demo of the game revealed a Witch.

Potential Reveals

The latest rumor states the game is done. It is believed that an official reveal will come later this month. Originally planned to have a big reveal at E3 but of course that couldn’t happen when the event was cancelled. The latest release of Resident Evil 3 has had mixed receptions that could also delay, or affect, any pending decisions with this project. Take all these rumors with a grain of salt but there seem to be a lot of details otherwise. They also all come from the same source.

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