AMD Ends Support for StoreMI Technology, which Combined SSDs and HDDs Into a Single Drive

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Image: AMD

AMD has announced that as of March 31st, StoreMI is no longer officially supported by the company, nor will it be offered for download anymore on Originally designed for AMD X399, 400-series, and 500-series chipsets, the technology promised to speed up loading times by combining an HDD and SSD into a single drive. The software would improve performance by moving often-used files to their ideal locations.

“AMD has decided to end-of-life the current version of the StoreMI technology, and effective March 31, 2020, AMD will no longer make this technology available for download on,” the company wrote in a product change advisory published last month.

“End users who download the current version of the StoreMI technology prior to March 31, 2020 may continue to use it thereafter (i.e. it will not be deactivated) but AMD will no longer provide any technical or end user support. Instead, AMD will focus its internal development resources on a replacement solution with a rearchitected feature set and a planned release window of 2Q20.”

Luckily for StoreMI fans, AMD may be planning a replacement. The company is telling users to “wait for the new AMD solution,” which implies there’s a successor in the works. Alternative solutions such as Enmotus FuzeDrive are also available.

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