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According to a pay-walled article at DigiTimes regarding the launch of Intel’s 10th Gen products (via Tom’s Hardware), AMD is planning to release its next round of 7 nm desktop processors, the Ryzen 4000 series, sometime this Fall. These will utilize the Zen 3 architecture, offering even higher efficiency and power savings – something that’s been alluded to by the company’s newest APUs.

“DigiTimes’ sources claimed that AMD’s original plan was to reveal Ryzen 4000-series (codename Vermeer) desktop processors at Computex 2020 in May,” wrote Tom’s Hardware. “But Computex has been pushed to September, due to the coronavirus pandemic. There are murmurs that the Taiwanese show might even be cancelled this year, depending on how the pandemic progresses. Nevertheless, DigiTimes’ sources claim that AMD will unleash its new army of Ryzen 4000-series chips after August or September.”

The article also confirmed that Intel will be announcing its 10th Generation Comet Lake-S desktop processors and 400-series chipsets by the end of this month. Recent reports claim that the embargo for these will lift in May.

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  1. I guess these are the ones that don’t cut it at laptop wattage, or would they be a different product altogether?

  2. If this isn’t misreporting due to the fact that Zen 3 is likewise “staying” on the TSMC N7 Family (there’s a bunch of them that are more or less design-compatible), then I can only see this as a “gee, N7 is yielding super well and our monolithic chips are fucking killer – why not pump some out??” surprise move.

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