Google Is Offering Two Free Months of Stadia Pro: Stream GRID, Destiny 2, and More Today

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Image: Google

In order to keep spirits high during the COVID-19 pandemic, Google is offering two months of its game-streaming service, Stadia, at zero cost. This is the Pro tier, which normally costs $9.99 a month and includes support for 4K resolution and 5.1 surround sound.

“Anyone who signs up will get two free months of Stadia Pro with instant access to nine games, including GRID, Destiny 2: The Collection, and Thumper,” wrote Google. “You can purchase even more games on the store, which will remain yours to play even if you cancel your Stadia Pro subscription. If you’re already a paid Stadia Pro subscriber, we won’t charge you for the next two months. After that, Stadia Pro is $9.99 a month, but you can opt out of your subscription at any time.”

Those of you who are interested in testing the service can join in just a few simple steps:

There’s one caveat, however – to reduce the strain on internet networks, Google is changing the default screen resolution from 4K to 1080p. “The vast majority of people on a desktop or laptop won’t notice a significant drop in gameplay quality, but you can choose your data usage options in the Stadia app,” claims Google.

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