Intel 10th Gen Core i9-10900, i7-10700K, and i7-10700 CPU Prices Listed by Canadian Retailer

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Image: Intel

Despite flaunting additional cores, it looks as if Intel’s upcoming Comet Lake-S desktop processors will be priced consistently with its 9th Gen predecessors.

As spotted by @momomo_us, Canadian retailer DirectDial has listed the cost of the Core i9-10900 ($679 CAD), i7-10700K ($585 CAD), and i7-10700 ($506), which come out to about $487, $419, and $363 in US dollars, respectively. On the flip slide, the same retailer has Intel’s previous Coffee Lake Refresh assortment – the i9-9900 ($678 CAD), i7-9700K ($578), and i7-9700 ($502) – for $485, $414, and $359.

These prices make Comet Lake-S seem like a relative bargain due to their increased core and thread counts, but unfortunately, they don’t look too hot in comparison to AMD’s competing parts. For just $53 more, prospective Core i9-10900 buyers could spring for the Ryzen 9 3900X instead, which offers two additional cores and four additional threads. The Ryzen 7 3800X/3700X also cost $80/$68 less than the Core i7-10700K/i7-10700 despite both being 8C/16T processors.

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