NVIDIA’s mobile GeForce RTX lineup is getting a little more complicated, as the company is gearing up to release refreshed versions of its RTX 2060 (N18E-G1-B) and RTX 2070 (N18E-G1R) mobile graphics cards. These will offer higher performance than the original SKUs thanks to lower-voltage GDDR6 memory (1.25 V vs. 1.35 V) and a new regulator that optimizes power usage.

“…the VRAM chips come from Micron (PDF) and can only run at slightly reduced clock rates due to the lower supply voltage (1.25 instead of 1.35 volts),” ComputerBase reported. “However, the lower power consumption enables the GPU to claim a larger share of the maximum allowed power consumption and therefore to clock higher…”

According to Notebookcheck, the RTX 2070 mobile refresh features a 1,305 MHz base clock and 1,485 MHz boost clock – tiny improvements over the original’s 1,215 MHz base clock and 1,440 MHz boost clock. Specifications for the RTX 2060 are still unknown, however.

NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX mobile GPU lineup now comprises Max-P, Max-Q, SUPER, and the standard/refreshed SKUs. If recent rumors pan out, this group will get even bigger with the introduction of an RTX 2060 SUPER.

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