A Crysis Remake May Be Happening: Official Twitter Account Updated with Cryptic Message After Four Long Years

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Image: Crytek

Crysis fans were stunned to find a new, cryptic tweet on the game’s official Twitter account this morning, which has been dormant for nearly half a decade. While the mysterious message (“RECEIVING DATA”) isn’t much to go on, it does suggest that Crytek is planning a remake or similar project that’s tied to the original game (sequels were released in 2011 and 2013).

The idea of a full-blown Crysis remake isn’t too crazy, as Crytek has been showing signs of interest in re-visiting the title that made it famous as of late. Just two weeks ago, on April Fool’s Day, the company updated the official Crysis site with a scene of Nomad under flickering lights in the rear section of a plane, mirroring the first level’s opening cinematic.

Modern CryEngine videos have also shown footage of Crysis, which is amusing being that the game was released over a decade ago in 2007. They even appear to have lighting effects and other features that were not present in the original.

If a Crysis remake does emerge, it’ll be interesting to see how far it pushes modern hardware – a feat that the original was largely celebrated and remembered for. We can only hope that it brings something like the rumored NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti to its knees.

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