Crytek Pulls April Fool’s Joke Teasing Fans Looking for a Crysis Remaster on Its Official Website

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Nomad from Crysis
Image Credit: Crytek

Fans of Crytek’s Crysis franchise have been hoping for a new release for some time now. The last outing was Crysis 3 in 2013. Since then Crytek has undergone many changes and seemingly moved on from their hit franchise. Each iteration showcased their game engine, CRYENGINE. In doing so they pushed the limits of technology through multiple generations. Back in August their tech trailer for CRYENGINE 5.6, served to fuel rumors. Publisher, Electronic Arts, is working on remasters for 2020 and 2021 releases. Featuring a snippet of what appeared to be a beach environment from the first Crysis many were sure a remaster was coming.

Image Credit: Crytek

Not without a sense of humor, or done with teasing fans, Crytek has another jester on the team. Yesterday the official website for Crysis got an update. Featuring an image of original character, Nomad, it only added to the hope for a new remaster. They are not the first ones to use Crysis as a means of a good April Fool’s joke either. DSOG did the same back in 2019. They reported on this latest website ‘update’ as well. In examination of the source code for the page they looked at the meta tags. There they discovered this was nothing more than a ruse. It may still be possible something is in the works though. Electronic Arts is releasing a Command & Conquer remastered collection in June . We also continue to see Crytek use images from Crysis in new trailers as seen in their newest one “Never stop Achieving”.

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