AMD’s Ryzen 3 Lineup May Be Getting Bigger: New Quad-Core, Zen 2-Based Processors Spotted

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Image: AMD

It appears that AMD is bringing the improvements of Zen 2 to its budget-oriented Ryzen 3 lineup. @momomo_us has spotted two new quad-core processors, a “Ryzen 3 3100” and “Ryzen 3 3300X,” which feature boost clocks of 3.9 GHz and 4.3 GHz, respectively. Both of these CPUs have 18 MB of cache and a TDP rating of 65 W.

“The new quad-core processors would be ZEN2 and thus Matisse based, it will be interested to see how the chips are configured as each die still holds 8 cores divided into two 4-core clusters (CCX),” Guru3D reported. “Likely AMD will be disabling one of the two CCXs completely opposed to running a more complex 2+2 core configuration. It saves on latency as well.”

AMD’s current Ryzen 3 lineup comprises the Ryzen 3 2300X, 1300X, and 1200. There’s also the Vega-equipped Ryzen 3 3200G, Ryzen 3 3200GE, Ryzen 3 2200G, and Ryzen 3 2200GE APUs, which make for a good budget HTPC solution. AMD will presumably introduce a Zen 2-based 4000G series in the near future.

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