Both Sony and Microsoft Could Each Be Planning Events in May to Promote PS5 and Xbox Series X Releases

PS5 and Xbox Series X Controllers
Image Credits: Sony and Microsoft

As we get closer to summer, news and rumors, about forthcoming hardware releases are ramping up. On the console side of things it is well known that both Microsoft and Sony have things up their sleeves. Both are expected to release their next generation of gaming technology during the 2020 holiday season. It seems the holiday release schedule might not be the only timeline they have in common.

Rumors from both sides of the fence are pointing to potential events in May for each of them. Windows Central has reported that Microsoft could be planning something that might reveal another Xbox Series X model. This one could be a more budget friendly entry level version of the Series X. The rumored code named, Xbox Lockhart, would replace the Series One S. Recently fans have been pressuring for game reveals as well. Phil Spencer had this to say on his twitter account.

Meanwhile Video Games Chronicle, or VGC, has heard rumblings from camp Sony. Firstly, they have news from someone that Sony is planning a PS5 reveal in May. Similarly, a tweet from Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad of Niko Partners had this to say in reference to E3 being cancelled.

As the world continues to adapt to all the effects of COVID-19 anything is possible. Many events have already been cancelled, or rescheduled, this year. Nothing is set in stone for either of these potential events but both do seem likely. Microsoft and Sony have each been slowly releasing bits of information over the course of the past year. From GDC 2020, to PAX, to E3, many of most popular venues for traditional reveals have been cancelled. This in turn has led manufacturers to come up with new strategies to reveal their latest products.

Peter Brosdahl
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