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It only seems like yesterday that 7 nm was launched, but TSMC is already three steps ahead of everybody. According to a report from DigiTimes, the world’s leading semiconductor foundry has taken its first steps toward the development of a 2 nm node.

“TSMC has kicked off its 2 nm process R&D, and is progressing in research and exploratory studies for nodes beyond 2 nm, the foundry has disclosed in its annual report to shareholders,” the publication wrote. Obviously, it’s too early for any specifics, but we can assume that the completed node will bring unprecedented levels of performance and/or efficiency to the table.

In the meantime, enthusiasts can trust TSMC to enable similarly impressive levels of improvement through its 5 nm (N5) and 3 nm (N3) nodes, the former of which is already in volume production with good yield. WikiChip recently reported that N5 will deliver “around 1.8x improvement in density along with 15 percent higher speed at iso-power or, alternatively, 30 percent lower power at the same speed.”

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