AMD Prepping Ryzen 5000 Series “Cezanne” Mobile APUs with Zen 3 Cores and Integrated RDNA 2 Graphics?

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Image: AMD

AMD’s Ryzen 4000 “Renoir” mobile APUs are pretty remarkable, but if you can wait a year or so for your next laptop upgrade, you may be in for an even greater leap in generational performance. According to a now-removed posting detailing Dell’s 2021 laptop lineup, AMD’s Renoir series will be succeeded by “Cezanne” – mobile APUs with Zen 3 cores complemented by a Navi23-based graphics solution.

“AnandTech Forum members DisEnchant and uzzi38 report that information regarding future Dell laptops powered by Cezanne APUs and Navi23 GPUs was inadvertently posted on one of the AMD community forums,” reported Notebookcheck. “DisEnchant explains that Cezanne appears to be Renoir’s successor and, despite being a refined 7 nm FP6 version (pin compatible with Renoir), it should bring ‘significant uplift’ in performance due to the Zen3 cores.”

“Uzzi38 points out that Rembrandt was supposed to be released after Renoir, so this could mean that Rembrandt may now be downshifted to 5 nm. DisEnchant further comments that the Dell laptops could include an all-in-one package combining the CPU and the iGPU. Based on this hypothesis, the Navi23 GPU previously thought to be the big Navi desktop GPU to take on Nvidia’s high-end RTX 2080 Ti might get a smaller laptop-only iGPU variant derived from the Navi2X with RDNA2 architecture.”

APU aside, Uzzi38 also shared a document that reveals what kind of displays Dell’s new laptops will employ. Unfortunately for OLED fans, all of these appear to be LCDs – although the majority of them do flaunt high refresh rates.

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