Microsoft Reports Xbox Game Pass Crossing New Milestone With Over 10 Million Subscribers

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Xbox Game Pass Console and PC
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The battle for game streaming service supremacy rages on. Microsoft published its Earnings Release FY20 Q3 yesterday. This report shows overall good news for Microsoft. A quick glance of it reveals revenue and income growth across a number of sectors. The report was released during a webcast from CEO Satya Nadella who shared other good news regarding its Xbox Game Pass streaming service. Twitter user @DomsPlaying posted on these highlights.

Satya was cited as stating a number of new milestones for Xbox. The streaming service now has over 10 million subscribers. The service includes subscribers from both Xbox and PC users. Another shared achievement comes via Xbox Live. That service now has over 90 million active users. A less stellar number quoted was about the newest venture Project xCloud. It was marked as having “hundreds of thousands of users.” That lower number is probably of not much concern, though. This latest project is still being rolled out, and its preview stage only began in September 2019.

Ongoing Changes for Game Streaming

Numerous game streaming services have seen their share of ups and downs since launching. NVIDIA’s offering, GeForce Now, has had many changes. They often revolve around big name games either leaving the service or being added. From February through April, team green’s offering has seen many, including Xbox Game Studios, leave the service. Google’s Stadia has had its own challenges. Stories about less-than-stellar pre-order numbers at launch along with claims from developers over lack of money have been reported. It is not all bad news for either, as both have also added games, and publishers, during their growing pains. Behind the scenes, Amazon is developing its own service now as well. Called “Project Tempo,” it hopes to launch in 2021. It is evident that new ecosystems for game streaming services will continue to see changes.

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