Halo 2: Anniversary Coming to The Master Chief Collection Next Week on Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC

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Image: 343 Industries

It’s only been a few weeks since the remake of the 2004 classic entered public flighting, but Microsoft has announced that Halo 2: Anniversary will be landing in just eight days, on May 12. The title will be available as part of The Master Chief Collection (MCC), which is available on Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC. Those who don’t care about the other Halo games will probably be able to purchase it separately.

According to 343 Industries’s most recent development update, Halo 2: Anniversary will introduce a new “challenges” feature that grants players XP for completing campaign missions. “Each week, the first campaign mission a player completes on each difficulty in each game in MCC will grant XP,” the developer wrote.

“Difficulties stack, so completing a mission on Normal will also complete that game’s Easy challenge and so on. Upon completing these challenges, a notification will appear, and the player will receive XP payouts tuned to the difficulty they played on. Each Wednesday at 10 AM, in conjunction with the weekly matchmaking update, players’ challenges will be refreshed. These challenges can be completed in campaign or campaign playlists.”

The full feature won’t debut until a future MCC update, but players can expect a “broader suite” of challenges granting XP, Season Points, and unique unlocks. These challenges can be viewed on a separate hub and pinned to the main menu for easy following.

Image: 343 Industries
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