New Star Trek Series Going into Production Featuring the Enterprise with Captain Pike Gets Official Title

Star Trek Enterprise
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In season two of Star Trek Discovery, we saw the return of an iconic staple of Star Trek. The famed starship NCC-1701 Enterprise made its first small-screen appearance on CBS All Access. Following in the footsteps of the J.J. Abrams 2009 Star Trek film it featured James T. Kirk’s predecessor Captain Christopher Pike. This time around the character was portrayed by Anson Mount and a few other familiar bridge crew were also introduced. Since then rumors abounded that this incarnation of the Enterprise would see its own series debut.


Image: CBS All Access


Well, the rumors have been confirmed. Through the perseverance of Giant Freakin Robot, details have emerged for the soon to be made show. Following the success of its first two shows, Discovery and Picard, ViacomCBS is actually planning a number of new series. This particular one has now been given a working title. Actively in development, it is now being called “Star Trek: Enterprise”. We will see if that title sticks as the last Star Trek television show to be broadcast over the air had nearly the exact same title. In fact towards its end, it was actually called just that.


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Anson Mount’s Captain Pike was not the only character to return from the original 1966 series. During the course of Discovery’s second season, we saw extensive character development with Spock played by Ethan Peck. Actress Rebecca Romijn had taken on the role of Number One formerly portrayed by the late Majel Barret-Roddenberry. Both characters are expected to make a return for the series but as yet they have not signed on. GFR’s latest scoop has also hinted at the introduction of communications officer Nyota Uhura. If sticking to canon at all there are a few other characters known to be on the Enterprise at the time. They have not been revealed yet but as we get closer to production more casting news is sure to be announced.


GFR has reported on CBS confirming the show’s new official title will be “Strange New Worlds”

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