DOOM Eternal Review-Bombed Over New Denuvo Anti-Cheat: Players Claim It Makes the Game “Unplayable”

Image: id Software/Bethesda Softworks

DOOM Eternal may have gotten off to a great start when it launched in March, but Bethesda has managed to screw things up by adding Irdeto’s new Denuvo anti-cheat solution into the game. While the intention was to prevent cheating in BATTLEMODE (DOOM Eternal’s 2 versus 1 multiplayer experience), players claim that it has introduced atrocious amounts of stuttering, screen tearing, and other technical issues that have ruined the entire experience – campaign mode included. As a result, DOOM Eternal fans have decided to raze hell in real life by review-bombing the game on Steam.

What’s particularly worrisome is the fact that Irdeto’s new Denuvo anti-cheat solution comprises a Ring 0 driver that has full access to every Windows resource. “The first time you start your game, Anti-Cheat installs a kernel mode driver into the Program Files folder,” admitted Irdeto. But don’t worry, DOOM Eternal fans – the company says that there is nothing to worry about…

“Denuvo by Irdeto is a GDPR-compliant third-party data processor and it’s in our best interest to avoid collection of any personally identifiable information,” Irdeto wrote. “Unlike other anti-cheat solutions, our Anti-Cheat solution does not take screenshots, scan your file system or stream shellcode from the internet. We collect information on how the OS interacts with the game and send the information to Amazon-hosted servers for cheat detection.”

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