Leaked OPNs Reveal Potential Clock Rates for AMD’s 4th Gen Ryzen 9 and Ryzen 7 Processors

Image: AMD

As many of you might have predicted, AMD’s upcoming lineup of Zen 3-based Ryzen processors are on their way to flaunting core clocks that exceed their current-generation counterparts. Igor Wallossek (Igor’s Lab) has leaked the ordering part numbers (OPNs) for a variety of 8C/16T and 16C/32T “Vermeer” CPUs, which reveal clock rates ranging from 3.7 GHz to 4.6 GHz.

“According to various sources, the first A0-steppings are already being tested, but they are likely to increase again, especially with the beat,” wrote Wallossek. “On the basis of some BIOS entries, however, interesting details can be learned, such as the confirmation of the CPUIDs and the new Unified L3 cache. But especially the respective OPN (Ordering Part Number) are of interest to the viewer, because they also give information about the current clock rates.”

The list is as follows (note the numbers at the very end of the OPNs):

Name: Vermeer (VMR)
Family: 19h
Models: 20h-2Fh
CPUID: 0xa20f00

OPN 1: 100-000000063-07_46/40_N
OPN 2: 100-000000063-08_46/40_Y
OPN 3: 100-000000063-23_44/38_N
Revision: A0
Cores: 8
Threads: 16

OPN 1: 100-000000059-14_46/37_Y
OPN 2: 100-000000059-15_46/37_N
Revision: A0
Cores: 16
Threads: 32

“According to the sources, exactly 4.6 GHz boost clock and 4.0 GHz base clock are hidden behind the number sequence 46/40 on the eight-core, while the 16-core is also listed with 4.6 GHz boost and only 3.7 base clock,” Wallossek continues. “These values are of course anything but final and one could expect the predicted clock increases for the A1 revision at the latest. How high these will be, is not yet known.”

As Wallossek points out, these are engineering samples (revision “A0”) that may not accurately reflect how powerful the final, retail processors will be. Enthusiasts are estimating increases of 100 or 200 MHz, but maybe AMD will manage to pull a 5 GHz rabbit out of its hat.

A report from April claimed that AMD would be releasing its Ryzen 4000-series CPUs in the fall, possibly in August or September.

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