Bounty of Blood: Borderlands 3’s Next DLC Takes Us to the Wild West Town of Vestige on Planet Gehenna

Borderlands 3 Bounty Of Blood-Vestige
Image: Gearbox Software

Borderlands 3’s next DLC is on the horizon. Bounty of Blood: A Fistful of Redemption will release on June 25th. This next DLC will give players a taste of the old west in the town of Vestige. The sheriff of this forgotten town has issued bounties to hunt down a local gang that is terrorizing it.

Image: Gearbox Software


Once a long-gone company’s testing ground for weaponry and biological experiments, the dusty wastes of Gehenna are now lorded over by genetically modified beasts and their keepers, the vicious Devil Riders gang.

Image: Gearbox Software

Bounty of Blood will feature side missions that will “have a tangible and lasting impact on the locals’ livelihoods.” The town of Vestige will change as players make choices during story progression. Players who may not have progressed far enough into the Borderlands 3 story will still be able to access it. When creating a new character, or Vault Hunter, they will simply level boost to access campaign add-on content. The game’s enemies and reward system will also scale to your character’s level. Rewards may include legendary items such as Vault Hunter Heads, vehicle skins, and other items.

No western is complete without your loyal and trusty steed. From fantasy to science fiction and the old west, we see them. A Fistful of Redemption will be no different. This time around, players will mount a creation called the Jetbeast. Gearbox creative director Matt Cox describes it in their reveal on the Borderlands Show as “half jet bike, half creature.”

Image: Gearbox Software

Game Editions and DLC

This marks the third DLC release for Borderlands 3 since its launch. It is also available on both Epic and Steam. Crossplay from each store is supported in multiplayer modes as well. Players can get a season pass or the super deluxe and collector’s editions to get all four DLCs for the game.

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