[PR] EK Releases Limited-Edition, Star-Spangled Velocity Water Block In Celebration of Memorial Day

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EK®, the premium water cooling gear manufacturer, has decided to do something special for its American fans this Memorial Day Weekend. Apart from being the unofficial beginning of summer, the last Monday of May has a lot of meaning for many Americans. Memorial Day is the reason why EK has created a special red, white, and blue limited edition Velocity CPU water block with a genuinely noble cause.

The brand new limited version of the water block carries the name EK-Quantum Velocity Honor. It is “decorated” with the US flag and will be sold at the price of $249.99. For each water block sold, EK will donate $100 to a charitable organization.

“Being a globally successful company also means that we have the ability and responsibility to make a difference and give something back to the community. We have decided to jump on a project that will make our most loyal fans happy, and at the same time, help those who are in need,” said Edvard König, founder of EK.

Two hundred limited edition Velocity CPU water blocks were made. One hundred of those are equipped with an Intel mounting frame, while the remaining one hundred are AMD-compatible. EK is hoping that all two hundred EK-Quantum Velocity Honor water blocks will find a home, thereby making a donation of $20,000 in total.

All collected funds will go to Shellback Tech, a rapidly growing Disabled Veteran-founded charitable organization. The mission of this organization is to build at least two custom gaming/streaming PCs a month and donate them to disabled veterans and first responders in need, completely free of charge.

“At EK, we believe there is no better time than now, amidst this global crisis, to do our part and help those in need, providing a little creative outlet for all who are struggling to get through this difficult time,” said Kat Silberstein, CEO, EK Americas.

For EK, this is not our first charity-oriented endeavor, and certainly not the last. Still, to keep this a tradition, EK would like to learn of any charitable causes worldwide that are of great significance to people in the PC enthusiasts community. All suggestions are welcome.

To learn more about Shellback Tech and support them directly, head over to https://tiltify.com/shellback-tech or https://www.facebook.com/ShellbackTech/.

EK-Quantum Velocity Honor

The star-spangled CPU water block comes in two versions:

  • EK-Quantum Velocity Honor D-RGB – Black Nickel + Stars & Stripes
  • EK-Quantum Velocity Honor D-RGB – AMD Black Nickel + Stars & Stripes

The CPU water block is featuring the 5th iteration of the award-winning EK cooling engine, tweaked even further for optimal performance. Built upon more than a decade of liquid cooling experience, EK Velocity series CPU water blocks are the product of countless hours of simulations, research, and market-leading engineering.

The top is CNC-milled out of a solid piece of nickel-plated brass, while the aesthetic cover piece is made of aluminum. The purest copper available is used for the EK-Quantum Velocity Honor cold plate and it’s precisely machined to a dense microfin structure. The contact surface is machine-polished for better contact with the CPU IHS.


EK-Quantum Velocity Honor CPU water blocks are compatible with all popular CPU sockets on the market. They feature a universal error-preventing mounting mechanism that offers tool-less installation, supporting Intel 115x and Intel 20xx Sockets or AMD AM4 sockets, respective to the CPU block model.

Supported Intel Sockets:

  • LGA 1155
  • LGA 1156
  • LGA 1150
  • LGA 1151
  • LGA 2011
  • LGA 2011-3
  • LGA 2066

Supported AMD Sockets:

  • AM4

RGB Support

Products marked with the EK D-RGB logo are compatible with all popular RGB sync technologies from all major motherboard manufacturers. The arrow marking on the 3-pin LED connector is to be aligned with the +5V marking on the addressable D-RGB header.

Availability and Pricing

EK-Quantum Velocity Honor CPU water blocks are made in Slovenia, Europe, and are available for pre-order exclusively through the EK Webshop. This product is expected to start shipping out on May 28, 2020.

EK-Quantum Velocity Honor D-RGB – Black Nickel + Stars & Stripes $249.99

EK-Quantum Velocity Honor D-RGB – AMD Black Nickel + Stars & Stripes $249.99

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