Latest Rumors Suggest Zack Snyder’s Justice League May Include Re-shoots, New Characters, and a New Villain

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Zack Snyder's Justice League-Darkseid
Image: Warner Bros.

A little over a week ago, it was announced that DC’s 2017 Justice League movie would see new life on HBO Max. Since then, rumors have circulated around the world regarding details of what changes this new cut will employ. Zack Snyder himself has been quite vocal on his Twitter account in feeding some of them. It looks like we may be seeing a whole lot more of the villain many fans of DC thought they were going to get the first time around. Enter Uxas, aka Darkseid.

It could be very easy to make comparisons to Marvel’s Thanos with Darkseid. Most comic book fans are very aware of how each publisher has many, many, characters that seem to mirror each other regardless of which came first. This is only one of the major changes that may be coming to the new cut. Evidently he wants to restore a story arc and bring back Amy Adams. This could involve re-shoots and additional footage in order to have Darkseid kill Lois Lane.

From villain changes echoing the New 52 to killing off an old character, why not work on introducing a new one? Giant Freakin’ Robot has reported on a character whose scenes were shot but then cut in the previous release. Actor Ryan Choi had portrayed the shrinking scientist (sound familiar?) known as The Atom. Mr. Snyder posted this image via the social media app, Vero.

Image: Warner Bros.

With a potential length of over four hours, the possibilities seem almost endless except for the budget. Zack Snyder has reportedly been given $30 million to complete this project. Another rumor is that he was told no re-shoots, but that may not be totally true if major story arcs are allowed to be changed. Since Zack claims only 25% of his original footage was used in the previous version, that leaves a lot of material to work with. Giant Freakin’ Robot has also speculated to a greatly increased presence of Cyborg and the possible inclusion of Supergirl. Needless to say, a lot could happen by the 2021 release date of this evolving movie.

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