Mod Support Has Finally Arrived on Microsoft’s Xbox Games App

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Image: Microsoft

Microsoft’s new Xbox app, which doubles as a storefront and launcher for the Game Pass subscription service, finally exited beta this week. In addition to some various design tweaks, the stable release has introduced something that’s been long requested by users wishing to squeeze every bit of replay value out of a game: mod support.

This is evident on the landing page for Subset’s mech-oriented strategy game, Into the Breach, which now mentions mods. Screenshots provided by Windows Central suggest that users must agree to a number of disclaimers before they can be enabled, however.

“On its store page, you can select ‘Enable Mods,’ which brings up a warning box to explain what mods are and that Microsoft accepts no responsibility for mods that may break games or contain content that betrays a game’s age rating, and so on,” explains Windows Central. “Once you hit accept, it enables modding for said title and gives you a link to the game’s file structure, which you can find again by hitting the ellipsis menu next to the ‘Play’ button.”

Presumably, Microsoft will add a dedicated mod section to the Xbox app that allows users to easily browse and install mods. For now, gamers can head to repositories such as Nexus Mods.

Tsing Mui
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