Official PC System Requirements for Death Stranding Announced

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Death Stranding Mountain Shot
Image: Kojima Productions

This summer, a number of PlayStation 4 exclusives are making their way to the PC. Death Stranding has been on the docket for some time, and, after being pushed back, is now due to arrive on July 14. Hideo Kojima’s production company had to temporarily close due to COVID-19, but things now seem to be back on track. This week it released the official requirements for the upcoming PC edition.

Image: Kojima Productions

For a 60 FPS experience at 1080p, it appears that players will need a GTX 1060 (6 GB edition) or AMD RX 590 GPU at minimum. Such a recommendation adds credence to the recent statement of “Game Beyond 4 GB” from AMD in regards to gaming at 1080p. The game will also need a hefty 80 GB of storage for install. That install size is around average compared to some recent games that have exceeded 100 GB. However, it is far larger than the 30 to 40 GB that others may be accustomed to. Beyond that, it seems that most 4 core/8 thread processors running above 3.40 GHz will suffice for 60 FPS in either 720p or 1080p. Death Stranding is available for pre-order on the Steam and Epic Game Stores.

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