Would You Buy a PlayStation 5 for $699?

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Image: Sony

Sony has finally unveiled the design of its next-generation console, but there are still many unknowns, with the biggest being the PlayStation 5’s price. How expensive is it going to be?

Very, very expensive, if early listings are to be believed.

As spotted by Wario64, the PlayStation 5 has gone up for pre-order at Play-Asia for the astronomical price of $699.99. Yikes! That’s a huge increase from the PS4, which debuted at a relatively cheap $399.

While the price could definitely be a placeholder (Play-Asia happens to have both the normal and disc-tray-less “Digital Edition” listed for $699), this could be a bad omen for what the console will ultimately cost. Are we looking at a $500 system, at minimum?

What’s really interesting is that Microsoft claims it will undercut Sony at any cost. The Xbox Series X could be a heck of a deal, especially when coupled with Game Pass.

Tsing Mui
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