Here’s the First Gameplay Trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons

Image: Motive/EA

As part of its arguably lukewarm Play 2020 event, EA released the first official gameplay trailer for Motive’s new starfighter title, Star Wars: Squadrons. Apparently, the game has a bit more depth than your average arcade flight simulator, as players will have to customize their ships with an entire range of components and manage various flight systems to win the battle.

“Fight alongside your squadron to tip the scales in monumental fleet battles and compete in intense 5 vs. 5 dogfights,” wrote EA. “Get into the cockpit and triumph as a team by completing tactical objectives across known and never-before-seen battlefields, including the gas giant of Yavin Prime and the shattered moon of Galitan.”

“Customize the loadouts of starfighters such as the X-wing and TIE fighter and divert power between their weapons, shields, and engines as you roar into the fray. Immerse yourself in strategic multiplayer space battles and a thrilling STAR WARS single-player story, seen from alternating perspectives between the New Republic and the Empire.”

According to the official site, would-be Rebels will be able to pilot an X-Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing, and U Wing, while Imperials get a TIE/LN, TIE/SA, TIE/IN, and TIE/RP. Additional starfighters will presumably be offered as DLC after Star Wars: Squadrons releases on October 2.

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