Intel Shows Off Tiger Lake Xe iGPU Running Battlefield V At 30 FPS

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Image: Intel

It appears that Intel is making some headway with its first Xe-based iGPU, which will debut with this year’s Tiger Lake mobile processors. Blue team’s Ryan Shrout took to Twitter yesterday afternoon to show off a prototype laptop sporting these very parts, and it seems to do a pretty nice job of running DICE’s latest Battlefield game, Battlefield V.

“Perks of the job!,” exclaimed Shrout. “Took a prototype Tiger Lake system for a spin on Battlefield V to stretch its legs. Impressive thin and light gaming perf with Xe graphics! Early drivers/sw, but it’s the first time I’ve seen this game run like this on integrated gfx. More later this year!”

In the upper-left corner, we can see a FRAPS counter showing frame rates of around 30 FPS. That’s not exactly impressive in itself, but the gameplay does look smooth and consistent. It’s also worth pointing out that the current-generation Iris Plus G7 iGPUs do much worse, barely breaking 10 FPS at the 1080p HQ setting (via Notebookcheck). This implies a 3x improvement with the Xe architecture.

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