Acer Introduces Predator Gaming Massage Chair

Apparently, gaming is a very stressful hobby these days. Acer has partnered with Singaporean well-being company OSIM for its new Predator Gaming Chair, which includes a massage function. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information on it at the moment, but Acer is calling it a “professional-grade” product with four roller functions – press-grip, roll, and tap – all of which are controllable through a control panel embedded in the right armrest. The chair also comes with two built-in Bluetooth speakers.

Not too long ago, Acer began selling its Predator Thronos Air, an elaborate, $13,999 PC-gaming battle station that not only comes with a massive arm that can hold up to three displays, but a relaxing massage chair as well. OSIM’s model will presumably be cheaper than that…

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