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Didn’t like Star Wars: Battlefront II? Too bad, because there’s going to be a lot more where that came from. In a recent presentation (via Gamespot), EA CEO Andrew Wilson stated that he’d be doubling down on Disney’s lucrative Star Wars license.

“We’ve had success in first-person shooters, in RPGs, in action adventure, in MMORPGs, in mobile, and I believe we’re going to have success with Squadrons as well,” Wilson said. “We’re going to double down on that partnership. Disney continues to be very very committed to the IP and to the canon.

Wilson didn’t offer any details on what kind of games we might be getting after the recently unveiled Star Wars: Squadrons, but his comments do suggest that EA has taken recent mishaps (e.g., Battlefront II’s loot crate fiasco) to heart and is putting renewed focus into future Star Wars titles.

“We have a tremendous relationship with Disney,” the executive added. “We have a tremendous relationship with Lucas. We have a longstanding relationship with them going all the way back to Star Wars: The Old Republic that we launched in 2011.”

There have been rumors about Disney having second thoughts about letting EA keep the Star Wars license. This report suggests that things are just peachy, but what developer do you think would make better use of the IP?

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  1. Please note, by ‘they’ EA is talking about Bioware whome they have ruined. And by ‘relationship’ they mean contractual obligation to pay for the intellectual license that Bioware was beholden to.

    Please also note that there is most likely a minimum level of quality expected by Disney of the titles that Bioware (now EA) creates. As such it is in EA’s interest to keep this IP locked up by generating content and hoping for more wins because if they do loose it they no longer can create new content nor update existing Content that was owned by Bioware and is owned by EA due to the purchase. This is NOT due to contractual negotiations between EA and Disney. This is EA scrambling not to loose the IP license.

  2. Get ready for BF3, now with 300% more loot boxes!

    Seriously, time to eject EA and resurrect Lucasarts.

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