Custom Build – Lian Li DK-05F Desk Computer (Part 1)

A few months back, we reported the launch of Lian Li’s DK-05F desk, an upgraded version of the DK-05. The Lian Li DK-05F Computer Desk is a unique beast of computer case built into an actual desk. We couldn’t resist ordering one once they became available and after a long wait (including a few week stop in Philly due to being put on the wrong truck in Los Angeles), it finally arrived.

For $2000, this is the ultimate desk workstation. We put together a custom build with this desk computer chassis for an ultimate high-end double computer build. In the video, we will show you the build process, our component choices, installation for one of the sides and in Part 2 we will show you the build process, component choices of the second side as well as it buttoned up and placed into service.

We’ll follow the videos with a written review about our experiences getting the ultimate computer desk set up and running. For now, please enjoy part one and let us know your feedback as well a what you want to see more of in Part 2.

David Schroth
David is a computer hardware enthusiast that has been tinkering with computer hardware for the past 25 years.

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