Warner Bros. Is Developing a Zatanna Movie

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Image: DC Comics

Have you grown tired of comic book movies yet? No? Well, that’s good, since DCEU Mythic’s Jeremy Conrad has learned that Warner Bros. is now developing a film based on DC’s popular, long-running magician superheroine, Zatanna, who’s blessed with telepathy, teleportation, elemental control, and other neat powers.

“I’ve learned today that WB has finally begun development on a movie featuring Zatanna, and am told this is separate from the Justice League Dark project Bad Robot is working on,” Conrad reported. “It also sounds like other characters who have been members of Justice League Dark might also head to the big screen, but that’s much further out.”

Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but as an older report from Deadline suggests, the studio is definitely keen on bringing more female characters to the silver screen. “There’s…been talk of films for Supergirl, Zatanna and Batgirl, while male-hero movies like the long-promised Flash solo film or a new Superman installment have seemingly lost momentum,” the publication reported in 2018, following the success of movies such as 2017’s Wonder Woman.

Zatanna fans have already been busy with potential casting options. Some of the names that have been thrown around include Alexandra Daddario, Gemma Arteron, and Olivia Wilde – but who can really do the raven-haired magician justice?

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