MSI CEO Sheng-Chang Chiang Dies from Fall

Image: MSI

MSI General Manager and CEO Sheng-Chang Chiang has died at the age of 56. According to a report from Taiwan’s ETtoday, Mr. Chiang passed away due to an unfortunate accident, in which he fell and suffered injuries to the head. While the story suggests that this may have been a suicide, police are still investigating.

“He fell into the building due to unknown reasons on the 7th,” reported ETtoday (machine translation). “The employee found multiple bruises and fractures and cerebral plasmosis spillover on his body. The status of taking the drug and the reason for the suicide are still under investigation, but the family members have no objection to the cause of death and immediately handle the matter.”

“A preliminary investigation by the police revealed that heart drugs were found in Sheng-Chang Chiang’s office, and the monitor screen showed that before the case, Sheng-Chang Chiang walked alone to the seventh floor of the company, and then there was an accident,” reads a supplemental report. “According to the survey, the wall on the seventh floor is about 130 cm high.”

Mr. Chiang had allegedly quarreled with family members before the incident, but they said that he didn’t show any thoughts of suicide.

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