343 Industries Shuts Down Rumors of Halo Infinite Launching Without Multiplayer

Image: 343 Industries

Earlier today, Thurrott.com’s Brad Sams published a shocking report claiming that 343 Industries would be shipping the Xbox Series X’s flagship title, Halo Infinite, without any kind of online multiplayer. What!? Needless to say, that would be pretty insane, even for Microsoft – a modern, blockbuster FPS launching with nothing more than a single-player campaign? Really?

Luckily, the allegations have turned out to be nothing more than pure bollocks. 343 Industries Community Manager Brian Jarrard quickly set the record straight on Twitter, confirming that Halo Infinite will, in fact, ship with multiplayer. That means players should be able to enjoy franchise staples such as Slayer, Oddball, and King of the Hill on day one.

“One source is telling me that Halo: Infinite multiplayer is not going to be shipping with single player this fall,” Sams originally reported. “We may not see multiplayer yet.”

“One source – this is one source, so I can’t scream it from the higher top – this is one source telling me this, but they’ve been pretty decent in the past.”

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