GeForce Now Might Offer Ampere Options for $5 per Month

NVIDIA GeForce Now

NVIDIA’s cloud-based gaming service is getting ready for its next big upgrade. It has been less than a year since its launch, and during that time, many things have transpired. GeForce Now officially debuted in February with a staggering million-plus users joining on the free tier. Those willing to ante up for the one-year introductory offer of $5 per month gained access to the Founders Membership. This paid tier offers more options, one of which includes NVIDIA’s hardware-based ray tracing. PCGamer has now obtained some information that the Founders Membership may be getting upgraded to Ampere soon. NVIDIA Sr. Product Manager Andrew Fear had this to say about the forthcoming next-gen Ampere architecture.

We want GeForce Now to be an opportunity for gamer’s to experience the latest gaming technology from NVIDIA. Therefore, you can expect to see Ampere on GeForce Now in time.

Now, this statement is still vague on details with both pricing and when Ampere will be integrated, but Fear also said that NVIDIA is still considering whether or not the introductory offer will remain the same in the coming year. Two years later, many are still reeling from the sticker shock of the RTX Turing cards. Meanwhile, the Founders Membership has offered an affordable means to their features for only $60 a year. With stories regarding possible increased manufacturing costs for Ampere, it is possible that the Founders Membership could be the more attractive option.

Peter Brosdahl
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