Sony Gifting $10 Credit to Select PlayStation Plus Members

Image: Sony

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you may want to check your account out ASAP, as you might have received a small but welcome discount. Apparently, Sony is giving $10.00 of PlayStation Store credit to select PS Plus members as a way of celebrating the online service’s 10th anniversary (wow, time flies!).

Those of you who were lucky enough to score the discount should see the following message in your account inbox: “To celebrate 10 years of PlayStation Plus, we’ve added $10.00 PlayStation Store credit to your account. Thank you for choosing PlayStation Plus.”

Image: Gamespot

Sony hasn’t shared what the requirements are, so we’re assuming that the process is simply random and based on the luck of the draw. It’s also unclear why the company didn’t just give it to each and every PS Plus subscriber…

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