EA is Finally Giving Origin a Visual Overhaul

Images: EA

If we told you that EA Origin had an aesthetically pleasing launcher, we’d definitely be lying. Sure, the application is perfectly serviceable, but when you compare it to other platforms such as Steam, there’s a lot to be desired from its lack of features and drab design, which is dominated by acres of unsightly whitespace. Luckily, EA has taken notice and motivated its designers into prepping a slicker design.

You can get an early glimpse of Origin’s new skin below, which was taken from EA’s beta registration page. Evidently, users who were begging for a dark mode are going to be very happy – they’re getting exactly that. The left sidebar options have also been trimmed so it’s less convoluted, and there’s even a listing of recently played games now (not exactly a revolutionary addition, but it’s definitely better than the block of text in the current launcher).

Origin Access Premiere members will be able to test the re-design soon by registering for EA’s upcoming beta. “Thank you for your interest in the upcoming Origin Beta,” the company wrote. “Registration is currently open to Origin Access Premier members only. Please sign into your EA Account to continue.”

Wait, why is EA limiting a beta to paid members? We have no idea.

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