The Art of the Mass Effect Trilogy: Expanded Edition Adds DLC Material

Mass Effect Trilogy Art-Expanded Edition Full
Image: BioWare

Few could ignore the impact that the Mass Effect Trilogy has had on the gaming industry. The trilogy began in 2007 and is still often referenced for modern science-fiction RPGs. Mass Effect had successfully merged both story ideas and imagery from a plethora of iconic sources to create its immense universe. Back in May, EA announced that an HD remaster of the much-loved trilogy was in the works. Perhaps as a build-up for that release, a new expanded edition of The Art of the Mass Effect Trilogy is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Description from Amazon

Contains extensive new material from the DLCs for all three games–including the award-winning “Lair of the Shadow Broker” from Mass Effect 2 and the fan-favorite “Citadel” from Mass Effect 3.

Experience the evolution of the aliens, planets, ships, and technology that define this iconic science fiction universe, as the developers who brought BioWare’s masterpiece to life take you from the earliest design sketches through to the meticulous final renders.

Brimming with concept art and commentary, this expanded edition is the ultimate companion to one of the greatest series in the history of gaming!

The hardcover version will be released on February 23rd, 2021, with the Kindle version to follow on March 23rd. Pre-order links are below (The FPS Review may receive a commission for any purchases made using them).

Image: BioWare

Hardcover Edition-$29.47

Kindle Edition-$23.99

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